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01A-Tracking Systems Missing Child Locator System

02A-Wireless Microphones & Audio Transmitters

02B-Wireless Microphones & Audio Transmitters 03A-Covert Cameras & Video Equipment I
03B-Covert Cameras & Video Equipment II 03C-Covert Cameras & Video Equipment III
03D-Covert Camera Accessories 03E-Remote Monitoring/Digital Video Recording
03F-Portable Surveillance Systems 03G-Security Cameras
03H-Micro Cameras -03I-Security  Observation Systems
04A-Parabolic Microphones &Listening Devices 05A-Telephone Stuff
05B-Telephone Security Equipment & Supplies 06A-2 Way Communications Scanners & Receivers
07A-Video Recorders, Monitors & More 08A-Countermeasures (de-bugging)
08B-Advanced Electr. Countermeasures (de-bugging) 09A-Specialized Tape Recorders
10A-Books & Manuals 11A-Vehicle & GPS Tracking Systems
12A-Personal Protection Items 13A-Theft Detection Supplies
14A-Night Vision Equipment 15A-Miscellaneous Spy Items
16A-Spy Software & Computer 17A-Voice Changing Systems
18A-Digital Transcription Systems 19A-Military Equipment
20A-Law Enforcement & Riot Control Gear 21A-MRE's
22A-Weapons/Weapons Systems (Government Inquiries Only) 23A-Uniforms & Emergency Clothing
24A-Military & Civilian Vehicles (Government Inquiries Only) 25A-Military & Civilian Aircraft (Government Inquiries Only)
26A-Industrial Equipment 27A-Parachutes & Air Drop Gear
28A-Military & Disaster Blankets 29A-Containerized Field Medical Units
30A-Stun Guns 31A-Personal Alarms
32A-Safety Lights 33A-Knives 1
33B-Knives 2 34A-Animal Repellers
35A-Defense Sprays 36A-Home Protection
37A-Diversion Safes 38A-Metal Detectors

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Learn more about security cameras at www.safetytechnology.org/wholesale-hidden-cameras/dvr/alarm-clock-hcd/.


WARNING It is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER (not The Global Spy Shops, GlobalSpy Technologies, or Globalscan International LLC) to ascertain and obey all applicable Local, State & Federal Laws in regard to possession and use of any item listed herein. Consult your attorney before placing an order, THE BUYER REPRESENTS THAT; he or she is at least 18 years of age; and that the product(s) will be used only in a lawful manner. The Global Spy Shops, Adela Group Technologies, or Globalscan International LLC assumes no liability associated with product usage. The BUYER is liable and responsible for any loss, damage or expenses of any kind, arising out of the use or misuse of any item sold by The Global Spy Shop, GlobalSpy Technologies, or Globalscan International.
  PLEASE NOTE Within the United States our covert video cameras do not have audio capabilities, unless sale is to verifiable law enforcement or government agency. Our RF Transmitters are also available only to verifiable law enforcement or government agency customers. To identify these products simply look beside the product name for a (Restricted sale within the USA)  

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